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Off Base Housing near JBLM

08 May 2015, 1444 hours, by Administrator

 JBLM is located in Pierce County Washington. The county just south of the base is called Thurston County. Both counties are home to several military families & retirees. An option to start your research is to visit the area map on this site. The area map lists helpful City information that you should find useful!

Using your 2020 BAH wisely and to your benefit!

If you qualify to live off post and choose to do so you should receive a basic allowance for housing (BAH). This pay is to help cover some of the cost associated with your off base housing. Your 2020 BAH can be used to either rent or purchase a home. Renting may make sense as an option or because of income limitations. However, in building your net worth long term, there is no practical substitute for owning a home!


Military personnel transferring this PCS season may consider either renting or leasing a home in Washington State. If you choose to rent /lease a home, you may consider including a “military” termination provision in your lease agreement just in case you need to terminate the lease early. The number for the legal assistance office on base is (253) 477-1873.

Purchasing a Home

The American Dream! Your option! Folks that have their minds set on homeownership usually have a reason! There are several off base housing communities that you may choose to purchase in. It would be a good idea to enlist the assistance of trained and qualified person to make sure the transaction is productive and error-free. Mr. JR Gehrmann is a licensed, trained and qualified Real Estate Broker who understands PCS moves and is former military.

JR Gehrmann is a full time real estate broker at Olympic Bay Realty, Olympia WA 98513

Text or call JR with your question to: (360) 789-8749.

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