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Nearby National Parks

Mount Rainier National Park

Explore this Majestic Mountain which peaks at 14,411 ft. With 26 major glaciers, Mount Rainier is the heaviest glaciated mountain in the lower 48 states, and the tallest mountain in the Cascade Range. Today Mount Rainier National Park is one of the largest tourist attractions in the Northwest. With over 51 hiking trails, RV and tent campsites, rock climbing and historical locations, there is always an adventure to be had and always a place to explore at Mount Rainier. The park is open year round to the public. If you are Active Duty or a dependent, you can get a free annual pass by showing your DoD ID to the front gate. For all non-active duty visitors there is an entrance fee with two options. For non-commercial commercial vehicles with up to 15 passengers, the fee is $15 for a 7 day entrance permit, and $30 for an annual pass. Make sure to call prior to going for any updates to the rates!

Olympic National Park

Some consider the Olympic National Park to be three parks in one.  In one day you can visit the heavily glaciated Olympic Mountains, walk through one of the only rain forests in the United States, and take a stroll along the coastline beaches. There are over 16 campgrounds and hundreds of trails to take a day hike on, or even an extended backpacking trip into the wilderness. Entrance fees for non-commercial vehicles are $15 for a 7 day entrance permit, and $30 for an annual pass. The park is open year round to the public, but some trails and campgrounds are closed during winter months, so be sure to check all 2017 updates on the parks website.

North Cascades National Park

Although a bit of a drive north from JBLM, this national treasure is well worth the road trip.  With over 300 glaciers crowning the breathtaking mountains within the park, and beautiful glacial waterfalls cascading into the valleys below, awe inspiring is the only way to describe this park. There is no entrance fee to visit this park, and some of the campgrounds are even free to stay at. The park is open year around and not to far from JBLM, although some facilities and trails are closed during the winter months.

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