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15 October 2015, 836 hours, by JR Gehrmann

 I have several nice comments from past clients, here are just a couple –

Wanted to follow up after the closing of my home with a short note thanking you for your support to me and the “fun” job of finding me a home, which clearly is what we call in the Military “Above and Beyond”. JR, you are without question the most professional individual I have had the pleasure of working with on any business venture in my 20 years of active military service. From our initial contact with you through the web and then emails to after the closing of the home, you epitomized professionalism and commitment to the customer. When I was beginning my search to purchase a home during my upcoming PCS move from Hawaii to the Fort Lewis region, through closing and even subsequent follow up questions and dialogue, you were always just a phone call away or when close just a few minute drive to link up face to face. If you didn’t know the answer or were busy, you always promptly returned my call with answers and solutions, not more problems. Awesome! Just so you know that questionnaire I sent to you via email from Hawaii asking about the services you would provide, if I contracted you to be my agent, I also sent out to approximately 15 other agents and firms in the area. Well bottom line up front, your candor, honesty and total commitment to me, the customer earned you not only my business, but my professional respect. Looking back at the process that you tirelessly led me through in order to locate, analyze then select and purchase my home, I know that I couldn’t have made a better choice, and if I had to do it again, I wouldn’t go through any selection process, its honestly just as simple as contacting you and your firm, one stop shopping at its best. Through your drive and total ‘Can-Do’ attitude you somehow made the whole ‘home find and purchase’ process palatable, screened out the bad eggs and always provided me with total up front honesty and nothing painted a different color just to sound or look good, and that is what I wanted, and what you provided every step of the way.

Thanks again for such an outstanding professional service that you provided, and you can rest assured, that when it comes time to sell my home here in Thurston county, well, you can already put my name on your list, just wait a while to activate the listing, cause you have my repeat business, without hesitation.
Have a wonderful day!

Scott Lind
Lieutenant Colonel, US Army
555th Combat Engineer Group”


JR has provided expertise and advice to me since 2003 when I first moved to the Olympia area. I’ve never met a more energetic or knowledgeable person about real estate in south Thurston County since then. Aside from his responsiveness and integrity, JR is an expert negotiator who understands the local market dynamics in real time. One of many great things about JR that has helped me tremendously and consistently during my ownership of various properties in Olympia is his extensive network of professionals. I’ve hired carpenters, plumbers, landscapers, realtors, cleaners, and painters based solely on his recommendation and have not once been disappointed. I continue to use JR as a resource to this day and cannot recommend him highly enough if you are in any way considering real estate in this area.

Sean Callahan
COL, US Army (R)


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