Active Duty – Contact Numbers

Central Issue Facility (CIF)

Location: Bldg 9640 (on Prescott Ave)
JBLM, WA 98439
Tel: (253) 967-3901


Initial issue: Monday – Friday 0730 – 0930

Full turn in Monday – Thursday 0930 – 1500 Friday 0930-1300

Partial turn in Monday – Thursday 0930 – 1530 Friday 0930 – 1330

Closed Friday 1400 – 1600 and all federal holidays

Customer Service 253–967–3901

Unit Appointment Scheduling 253-967-1474

ALL Things TA-50 such as: duffel bags, rucksacks, id tags, ie: dog tags, trousers, wet weather gear, parkas, combat boots, wet weather bags, acu’s, caps, gortex jackets, entrenching tools, black leather gloves, insignia rank, weapons cleaning kits, belts, kevlar, protective mask’s, mess kit’s, field jackets, flight jackets, flight suits, flight helmets, pt uniforms & much more!

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