Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Army Officer and Enlisted Soldier Ranks?

O1 – Second Lieutenant (2LT)          E1 – Private

O2 – First Lieutenant (1LT)               E2 – Private (PV2)

O3 – Captain (CPT)                             E3 – Private First Class (PFC)

O4 – Major (MAJ)                               E4 – Specialist (SPC) or Corporal (CPL)

O5 – Lieutenant Colonel (LTC)        E5 – Sergeant (SGT)

O6 – Colonel (COL)                             E6 – Staff Sergeant (SSG)

O7 – Brigadier General (BG)             E7 – Sergeant First Class (SFC)

O8 – Major General (MG)                 E8 – Master Sergeant (MSG)

O9 – Lieutenant General (LTG)       E9 – Sergeant Major (SGM)

O10 – General (GEN)                         E9 – Sergeant Major of the Army (SMA)

GOA – General of the Army (GOA)

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