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Rental Housing, Homes and Apartments near Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM)

Rental Homes and Apartments near Joint Base Lewis-McChord

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Housing near Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM)

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Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) Area Map

Joint Base Lewis-McChord Area Map

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The Birthing Inn

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2017 BAH Rates for JBLM

18 December 2015, 1138 hours, by Administrator

2017 Joint Base Lewis-McChord BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) based on region: Tacoma Washington (JBLM) 2017
Homes for sale near JBLM

Rank BAH w/o Dependent         BAH w/ Dependent
   E-1 $1278.00                              $1644.00
   E-2 $1278.00                              $1644.00
   E-3 $1278.00                              $1644.00
   E-4 $1278.00                              $1644.00
   E-5 $1458.00                              $1743.00
   E-6 $1560.00                              $1869.00
   E-7 $1650.00                              $1962.00
   E-8 $1770.00                              $1989.00
   E-9 $1806.00                              $2067.00
   W-1 $1605.00                             $1872.00
   W-2 $1767.00                             $1953.00
   W-3 $1812.00                             $2031.00
   W-4 $1884.00                             $2079.00
   W-5 $1941.00                             $2136.00
   O-1E $1743.00                           $1941.00
   O-2E $1797.00                           $2019.00
   O-3E $1869.00                           $2088.00
   O-1 $1545.00                             $1755.00
   O-2 $1710.00                             $1866.00
   O-3 $1824.00                             $2028.00
   O-4 $1932.00                             $2160.00
   O-5 $1971.00                             $2253.00
   O-6 $2031.00                             $2274.00
   O-7 $2070.00                             $2298.00


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