2017 JBLM BAH Information

Basic Allowance For Housing (BAH) is a tax-free monthly monetary allowance for servicemembers who are not provided housing by the government that qualify to live Off Base. This allowance is to help cover some of the cost associated with living off base. Your 2017 JBLM BAH can be used to either rent or purchase a home. In our JBLM Housing section, there you will see additional housing options to include contact info for the on-base housing officeBrowse area Homes for Sale near JBLM. Licensed Civilian Point of Contact for your questions, Real Estate Broker JR Gehrmann of Better Properties Real Estate is standing by: call / text 360.789.8749. 

BAH ( basic allowance for housing ) for zip code 98433 are as follows: The zip code 98433 is located in Pierce County, Washington. 


2017 (JBLM) Joint Base Lewis-McChord BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) 
Rank BAH w/o Dependent BAH w/ Dependent
E-1 $1278.00 $1644.00
E-2 $1278.00 $1644.00
E-3 $1278.00 $1644.00
E-4 $1278.00 $1644.00
E-5 $1458.00 $1743.00
E-6 $1560.00 $1869.00
E-7 $1650.00 $1962.00
E-8 $1770.00 $1989.00
E-9 $1806.00 $2067.00
W-1 $1605.00 $1872.00
W-2 $1767.00 $1953.00
W-3 $1812.00 $2031.00
W-4 $1884.00 $2079.00
W-5 $11941.00 $2136.00
O-1E $1743.00 $1941.00
O-2E $1797.00 $2019.00
O-3E $1869.00 $2088.00
O-1 $1545.00 $1755.00
O-2 $1710.00 $1866.00
O-3 $1824.00 $2028.00
O-4 $1932.00 $2160.00
O-5 $1971.00 $2253.00
O-6 $2031.00 $2274.00
O-7 $2070.00 $2298.00


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