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Deep Forest Challenge at Northwest Trek

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Summer is Not Over Yet!

18 August 2015, 2044 hours, by Administrator

Ready for more summertime fun in a kick-back, no crowds, waterfront setting? Then it's time to introduce you to a lesser-know gem of the South Sound.Nestled between Budd Inlet and Henderson Inlet, situated on the northern tip of Olympia's peninsula and less than an hour from JBLM, you'll find Boston Harbor and all of it's recreational sites. Regional highlights include Burfoot Park, Boston Harbor Marina, and the Woodard Bay access to the Chehalis Western Trail bike path. These sites offer enough activities to fill the rest of your summer, and beyond!


Orcas in DuPont?!

18 June 2015, 1810 hours, by Administrator

Did you know there are TWO populations/races of Orca whales in the Pacific Northwest near JBLM? The transient population, also known as Bigg's killer whales, and the resident Orca whales. Some speculate that the last Ice Age brought about geographic separation causing them to genetically diverge 100,000 years ago. Residents could be categorized as fish eaters, while the transients are mammal eaters. Resident Orca pods have been declining in number yet this year we've seen a notable increase of visits from transient Orca whales in the South Sound. The excitement has come with siting transient Orcas from shore in DuPont, Boston Harbor and Olympia's Priest Point Park. Once assumed to stay further north the transient whales are now coming as far south as Frye Cove in Shelton WA. It is speculated they are in search of greater feeding opportunities.


Off Base Housing near JBLM

08 May 2015, 1444 hours, by Administrator

Are you PCS'ing to JBLM?
Getting familiar with the Cities that surround the base will start the process! Prior to the Base being named Joint Base Lewis-Mcchord, the installations names were Fort Lewis and McChord Air Force Base. There are three entrances accessible off of Interstate 5, the first being exit #120, then #122 & #125. There are additional gates that you can access the base thru, however depending on where you choose to live off-base, will determine your drive route to work. There are 23 cities that surround the Base, all of which have housing areas that may be appealing to you! Researching these areas prior to your arrival will help with you PCS move.


Summer Camps for Kids

29 April 2015, 816 hours, by Administrator

Can you believe it? The school year is nearly over! For many families that means it's time to register their kids for summer programs to keep them supervised and active over school break. Luckily the Puget Sound has MANY fun options to choose from. Shop your options now and secure your place before space fills up!


Deep Forest Challenge at Northwest Trek

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The Mission Continues - Auction, Raffle and Dinner Fundraiser

26 March 2015, 1151 hours, by Administrator The Mission Continues - Auction, Raffle and Dinner Fundraiser

On April 7th, from 4pm to 8pm, Odd Otter Brewing Company is joining forces with Joeseppi’s Italian Ristorante to raise funds for The Mission Continues. Joeseppi's is approxmately 14 miles from JBLM in Tacoma.


Lucy Coffey, American’s oldest living female veteran

24 March 2015, 1136 hours, by Administrator

Lucy Coffey, American’s oldest living female veteran died at the age of 108 on March 19th.  She died after being ill for about a week.   According to the Bear County Veterans Office, Lucy  “was an incredible lady who will be missed dearly.  Her contributions to our country and community will not be forgotten.”  


2015 JBLM BAH Table

20 January 2015, 1500 hours, by Administrator

2015 is finally here! If you qualify to live off post and choose to do so you should receive a basic allowance for housing (BAH). This pay is to help cover some of the cost associated with your off base housing.
Your 2015 BAH can be used to either rent or purchase a home. In our JBLM Housing section, there you will see additional housing options to include contact info for the on-base housing office.



A fantastic burger joint for the whole family - our newest sponsor - Lunchbox Laboratory!

17 February 2014, 1908 hours, by Administrator A fantastic burger joint for the whole family - our newest sponsor - Lunchbox Laboratory!

Lunchbox Laboratory has just opened a new restaurant in Gig Harbor, and they've just become our newest sponsor!

Follow the link to check them out and take the family out for a bite. And don't forget, is a great place to make sure your business is getting the exposure it deserves... and a great way to make sure your business is serving those who serve our country. We highly recommend you include mention of military discounts you honor in your business listing!



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Deep Forest Challenge at Northwest Trek

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